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Our Approach

Our goal is to evaluate the patient as a whole – to understand the underlying causes of dry eye and blepharitis in that individual patient. We work with primary and specialist doctors to optimize systemic medications, order blood work if necessary, perform a thorough eye evaluation with advanced diagnostic testing, and develop a custom treatment plan that works with the patient’s insurance and budget. We sell hard-to-find dry eye and blepharitis products here in the office and can order less commonly used products for patient convenience.

Referrals are not necessary, but can help us with with your other doctors to maximize your treatment.

How Are Patients Evaluated?

Due to the complex nature of dry eye and blepharitis, our initial dry-eye evaluation consists of a full exam and assessment including:

In-Office Treatments

In order to jump-start success, we offer several in-office procedures:

What is BlephEx®?

Blephex Bimedis

Results right away

By gently and effectively cleaning the area around the eyelashes, BlephEx® has been shown to reduce lid debris on the eyelid margin by more than 50%*2
Eyelashes Before Use BlephEx
Eyelashes After Use BlephEx
*In symptomatic contact lens wearers (n=17) in a randomized, controlled study of daily contact lens wearers (N=30). References: 1. Alcon data on file. 2020. 2. Siddireddy JS et al. Effect of eyelid treatments on bacterial load and lipase activity in relation to contact lens discomfort. Eye Contact Lens. 2020;46:245-253.

What is OptiLight by Lumenis?

OptiLight breaks the vicious cycle of inflammation

Dry Eye Disease Treatment In Cyprus

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Dry Eye and Blepharitis Products

In order to improve compliance, we sell many dry eye and blepharitis treatments in our office, including: